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"This business has completely changed my life, and me. I'm surrounded by the most positive, inspiring people and I've personally grown so much. I've built a team of amazing thriving women who I love! This team gives me more confidence, happiness, leadership, friends, money to support my family, travel and most of all vision. I have no doubt I am building the lifestyle I desire!"

Melanie Del Monte
Risers Empire Social Marketer

Hey! I'm Jenn

I've been in the industry for 8+ years and in the past 4, I've built one of the fastest growing Social Retail teams using magnetic attraction marketing strategies on social media.

I'm looking to mentor motivated leaders who are passionate about making our profession better and ready to create EXPLOSIVE results.

In order to be successful, and stand out in the "sea of sameness" in the crowded social media space, you NEED viral products, a clear message and a strategy that's aligned with market demands.

I combined Magnetic Marketing strategies with our world-class systems to scale my business to a top leadership rank within 14 months (after struggling for 4 years in my previous company). I want to help you do the same!

We’ve taken out ALL the guesswork by providing you with a complete Social Retail roadmap designed to have you attracting leads in your sleep. I've mentored teammates to achieve 6-figures after having failed in previous companies.

As your mentor, I'll teach you EXACTLY how I've attracted THOUSANDS of customers and partners, without doing parties, 3-way calls or chasing friends & family. It's my mission to show motivated entrepreneurs, like YOU, how to do the same!

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