Create Social Media Content That Has Ready-to-Join Prospects Blowing Up Your DMs!

Learn How to Level Up Your Social Media Messaging So You Stand Out and Get  Prospects Begging to Buy or Join You!

I Want Prospects DM’ing Me Daily!
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Are You Tired of Spending Hours Creating Content That Just Gets Crickets?

  • You post at least 5x a week and while your content used to get high engagement, now it hardly even gets seen at all.

  • You used to get 1-2 DMs a week from prospects asking for info but it's been 3 months or more since that's happened.

  • Everyone says "post value" to build know, like & trust with your audience, so you spend hours creating educational content and the only comments you get are from reps in your company.
  • Your business has been declining for 6 months or more and when you ask for coaching you hear, "just talk to more people” or “social media is dead. It's time to go back to parties”.

Let's Leave the 90's Business Practices In the 90's! 

In Magnetic Messaging you’ll learn how to create stand-out social media content that gets more views and engagement than you've ever had and has ready-to-join prospects busting down your DMs!

I Want Magnetic Messaging Now!

Work Smarter

Get off the content hamster wheel! Get ready to post less and get more results than ever

Stand Out

Develop content that stands out, attracts attention from hot prospects and drives new sign ups

Attract DMs

Create demand for your offer and get a flood of DMs from ready-to-join prospects

In A Few Short Hours, You Could…

  • Have clarity and confidence in what and where to post to get more sales
  • Be generating more engagement on your content than you've ever had
  • Have prospects DM'ing you saying, "I feel like you were talking to me!" and wanting to buy or join!

We cover it all in Magnetic Messaging.

I Want Ready-to-Join Prospects Now!

What Other Network Marketers Are Saying

What's Included In the Program...


Your Offer & Target Prospect

Most Network Marketers skip this critical step. In this Module, you’ll craft:

  • Your hero offer & Unique Positioning
  • Your Struggling Avatar and Future Paced Partner (hint - these are not made up people)
  • Your transformation promise

You’ll finish this Module with a hero offer and clarity around who you are speaking to with your content, so you never struggle with what to post ever again.


Your Message

The secret to strong messaging is understanding how to stand out in the "sea of sameness". In this Module, you’ll learn:

  • How to create demand for your offer (even before you share it!)
  • The proven Realization and Belief Shift Methods
  • How to implement throughout your content

You'll finish this Module knowing exactly how to craft messaging that has your prospect saying "that's me!" and reaching for their credit card, ready to join you! 


Social Media Strategy

In this Module we will go into the little-known social media strategies that are working right now, including:   

  • What type of content gets the best results and where (Feed, Stories, Reels)
  • How to balance your content to get more sales (no useless content calendars here)
  • Organic vs Paid social

You’ll finish this Module with a clarity around why your content isn't driving results and exactly what to do to stand out and become the ONLY choice in a sea of other reps.


Magnetic Messaging LIVE!

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