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My Network Marketing Daily Method of Operation To Hit the Top Rank Fast

Do you want to know which activities you should be spending your time⏰on to actually move the needle in your Network Marketing business?


In this Episode🎥I give you my Daily Method of Operation for how I reached 6-figures and the top rank of my company in only 14 months, completely online📲


So listen, I know you're super busy. You might feel like you're spinning your wheels and #InformationOverload 😫


It's all coming at you 100 miles an hour and you're probably wondering what the heck you're supposed to be spending your time on?


I'm going to break down how much time you need to be spending and exactly what you need to spend your time on✅


 Are you tired of spinning your wheels, doing home parties and hotel meetings, when what you really want is to take your business 100% online? 

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Before we get into the daily method of operation, it's important that you understand the different types of activities in our business.


There's income producing activities and then there's passive activities.


So, what activities are income producing?


⚡️Making new connections
⚡️Connecting with people
⚡️Starting new conversations
⚡️Exposing people to our product and opportunity (using tools - more on that later)
⚡️Following up
⚡️Doing a curiosity post on Social Media
⚡️Signing up customers and business partners


Posting on social media can also be a passive activity if you don't actually follow up with your leads so it's important to always do that.


What is a passive activity?


👉🏼Plugging into your weekly team meeting
👉🏼Reading a book
👉🏼Doing personal development
👉🏼Journaling (aka gratitude and affirmations)
👉🏼Listening to trainings


These things are all important because you want to stay plugged into what's going on in the business and show up for the team. And let's be honest...


If you have a poopy mindset, nobody is going to want to join you💩


The income producing activities are the ones that you want to prioritize in order to move the needle in your business.


Now, let's talk about how much time you need to spend on income producing activities to grow your biz.


So because I know you're super busy and likely building your business on a very part-time basis (I was too), I'll give you the real raw goods.


When I was building my network marketing business alongside my full time job, I was a Director of Sales Strategy working way more than 9-5 and I was stressed out🥵


I didn't have a lot of extra time in my day but I was able to fit 1️⃣hour into my schedule and I called it my Power Hour.


I woke up an hour earlier in the morning. If that doesn't work for you, then just carve out 15 minute time periods throughout your day.


You need to schedule it 📅because if it's not in your schedule, you know it's not going to happen. 


It's equally important to remove all distractions.


Turn off all notifications and give your family the heads up that you'll be spending this hour hyper focused on your business. Then you can be fully present with them later on.



Here's my Daily Method of Operation:


1) Find 5 New Friends to Connect With 


Where do you find these people? I like to see who Facebook is suggesting for me and I spend a lot of time finding new friends in groups👯‍♀️

Find two or three groups that you can relate to. You want to make sure that the group has a high level of engagement and lots of active people in it. Go into the group and focus on adding value, commenting on posts, engaging authentically with people, giving advice and just being cool😎


You don't ever want to drop links or post about buying your product or joining your team. That's the fastest way to get kicked out and banned❌🚫


Instead, follow the steps I mention above and then friend request 5 people. You'll also receive friend requests from others (yahoo new leads!)🥳


Download my Network Marketing Daily Method of Operation Cheat Sheet

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Click Here to Download it FREE Now


2) Connect With 5 People a Day


So first, you always want to connect with the people you've just become friends with. You might say something like, "hey, I really enjoyed our chat in the group and I thought we could connect. How long have you been doing X?"


The other way that I connect daily is through Birthdays on Facebook. Every day it's going to be someone's birthday (sometimes 5 or 10 people). Send them a birthday message🥳 


Download the Dubsmash app and lip sync happy birthday. It's hilarious. You'll look silly, but you know what? It's going to make you stand out and that's key.


Just remember to be a human first and a Marketer second. 

Image result for i am a human being gif

3) Expose 3-5 People to Your Business or your Products


One of the most important parts of prospecting is keeping it SIMPLE. You don't ever want to come across as an expert. 


Your prospects are watching what you do and thinking "could I do this?"🤔


So make sure you're not vomiting🤮information all over them or spending hours explaining the business on the phone or in person.


If you do this, your prospect will most likely become overwhelmed and run for the hills. If they do join you, they'll duplicate the prospecting process you used with them, fail to build a team of their own, get frustrated and likely give up🤕


You know what's really simple and everyone can do? Send out a video and have them watch it on their own time. My mentor and friend John Melton says "don't be a fool, use a tool" 🎥


4) Follow Up With 3-5 People


So many Network Marketers give up too soon on the sale. It is proven that most sales (or sign ups) happen between the 5th and 12th touch. This emphasizes how critical it is to follow up regularly and consistently.


If you're doing the previous DMO activities, like exposing people to your products and business, this will be a breeze.


👉🏼If you're not sure how to follow up, check out next week's episode where I share my top follow up strategies to help you close like a boss💪🏼


5) Post on Social Media


You want to do at least 1️⃣quality post on social media every day.


It's important that 80% of your content be lifestyle related and only 20% about your product and/or business 


If you talk too much about business stuff your network will get tired and annoyed🙄


And know that people don't come to social media to be sold to so please, don't be a Spammy Tammy🙅🏼‍♀️ People ultimately want to be inspired, engaged and entertained.


How do you stand out?  Tell a story and create curiosity🤔around what you do or the products you offer. But don't give away the end of the movie. A good curiosity post will just give them a really good trailer reel. They'll have to come to you to get more information.


So that's the Daily Method of Operation that I followed to hit the top rank of my company 💯% online in just 14 months.


Don't forget to download my FREE Daily Method of Operation Cheat Sheet👇🏼

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Now you might be thinking "yeah, but what about my team? They team need me and I'm spending so much time supporting them."


Here is the rule I live by...


As leaders of a team, we should allocate 80% of our time to building our personal business and 20% of our time to supporting our team


During your Power Hour, you want to focus on income producing activities for your personal business. 


It's very important to show up for your team but what's most important is to lead by example. You want to be bringing new people in because that's the best motivation there is! A little competition is always good😉


Know that your team is watching you. They will do what you do. Your main job is to sponsor like a maniac.


As you bring new people in, make sure that you're teaching them to fish🐟


Giving them all the answers will NOT help them. Show them where to go to find the answers and you will create an independent team who is prepared to succeed and duplicate.



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XO Jenn

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