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How to Attract Customers to Your Business - 6 Strategies to Dominate Social Media Sales

Do you have a love-hate relationship with Facebook? 


The algorithm is constantly changing, squeezing your likes and comments down to almost nothing😣and you don't know how other marketers are using it to attract a 6 or 7-figure business.


They have beautifully curated profiles, cover photos and posts and you're like,


"How are they doing that? I want to take my business online but it's so overwhelming, the algorithm is constantly changing and I don't even know where to start."


So, how do you know which strategies work and which don't?


In this episode🎥, I'm gonna help you sift through the chaos with my 6 strategies to help you turn your Facebook page into a beautiful, uniquely branded place that will attract your ideal customers straight to your inbox💌


There's no better feeling than getting a message from someone who wants to learn more about your product or business opportunity💪🏼.


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 Social media is a really powerful marketing tool that we can use to build our business online.


It gives us access to people from all over the world. Literally millions, even billions of potential leads for your business.🔥


When you're building an online business, whether in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or marketing your own product, you want to treat your social media platforms like a business. 


And keep in mind, while we're going to talk specifically about Facebook, these are strategies that you can apply across other platforms as well, like Instagram and LinkedIn.



Let me ask you something:

🤔Do you have a profile photo that isn't you?
Maybe it's your dog, your family or you and a bunch of friends.

🤔Instead of creating your own content, are you just sharing other people's? For example, videos, news articles, memes or quotes? 

🤔Do you post pictures with bad lighting? 

🤔Are you playing online games and allowing them to post to your profile?

🤔Do you have a friends list that is really big but you don't talk to many of them?


Well Crusher, today is the day these bad social media habits end.❌


I'm gonna help you change things up, take intentional action and start driving interested potential customers and business partners right into your inbox.✅ 


Why should you feel good about taking my advice? 


I've been in Network Marketing for almost 6 years, 4 of which didn't go very well. I was building my business with home parties, hotel meetings and meeting prospects at coffee shops.



I was a top recruiter on the team and my personal sales were good (usually between $1-2 thousand) but I was exhausted working full-time and running around most nights... it wore me out and the bottom line... my team wasn't growing. 


We were missing the most important ingredient: duplication and my income was stuck between $1,500 and $3,000 a month.


I definitely wasn't going to be able to walk away from my 6-figure corporate career on that income.


My dream of going from #FullTime2FreeTime was starting to feel impossible.😰


Since then, I started over and committed to building my business 100% online. I got coaching from some of the top earners in Network Marketing who had what I wanted and I got busy.


In my 4th month I had built a growing team that was duplicating like I'd never experienced. And I had already made $20,000 in income. 


It was clear that I'd found a better way.🙏🏼


Fast forward 2 years, I'm retired from my Corporate 9-5 and am now dedicating myself to  helping other struggling Network Marketers find their breakthrough, climb the ranks in their business and crush online sales leveraging social media.


If you're feeling stuck, tired of the belly-to-belly grind and ready to take your business online so you can have a business that is actually "work from your home", keep reading because I've got you covered.❤️


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6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers:


1) Take Your Profile Public

You are building a business and your primary objective is to expand your network.


This means you want people to be able to see your content and connect with you. If you have your profile locked up like Fort Knox, this isn't going to happen.


So, it's time to go public, and I'm gonna walk you through step-by-step exactly how to do that.


Look at your cover photo from your desktop and you'll see 3 little dots in the bottom right-hand corner.



Click on the 3 dots and choose Timeline Settings. Then click on Privacy, under Your Activity, Who Can See Your Future Posts?  Set that to Public.



This setting means that the public will be able to see the content that you're sharing on your Facebook profile. This is a very good thing!


Next, still in Timeline Settings, click on Public Posts, set Who Can Follow Me and Public Post Comments to Public.



This means you've turned on your Follow button.


Now potential prospects can follow you without being Friends. Also, if you decline a Friend Request, those people will automatically be following you and receive notifications when you share content.


Reserve your friends list for potential business prospects.

If you're not sure why you wouldn't want just randomly add a bunch of friends, read 
Facebook Engagement Hacks to drive leads into your business and more eyeballs on your content.


2) Upgrade Your Profile and Cover Photo

Your profile photo and cover photo are the first impression your potential prospects will have of you.


Let's start with the Profile Photo.📸


It's important that it's a photo of you and only you. You don't want people to have to guess who you are.


Put on a big smile so it feels welcoming, like you're inviting people into your space. And in case you're worried about having to hire a pro, don't. It's not necessary. 


If you have an iPhone 8 or higher, use Portrait Mode. It will blur the background and look like a professional photo.📱


Let's now talk about your Cover Photo.📷


The purpose of your cover photo is to represent who you are and what you offer to your audience.


You want it to be a professional looking photo with you in it. It can be a picture of you with your family, if that's an essential part of your brand or a picture of doing something you love, like an activity or sport as an example.🧗🏼‍♀️


I would also highly recommend including your Mission Statement.


For example, my mission statement is "I help women climb the ranks of their business and crush online sales in network marketing leveraging a personal brand".


I also have a fun hashtag that represents my vision of helping women who work 9-5 to go from #FullTime2FreeTime.


So, think about including your mission statement and hashtag in your cover photo because it will show your audience what you have to offer THEM and why would they want to follow your content.


My favourite design tool to create professional looking cover photos and other branded designs is Canva. There's a free version and a paid version that unlocks incredible features that will make your brand pop!



3) Use Your Intro (aka Bio) Section Intentionally

What should you include in the Intro section of your profile?


This space is small but it's also mighty. You only get 101 characters so you want to use them carefully.


I always recommend using emojis because they are fun and will attract attention to that space. They also allow you to let your personality shine.


For the first line, you want to include a short-form version of your mission statement. Below that, you can include the hashtag you came up with.


This will again show your audience what it is that you offer to them.


If you have other resources like a podcast, Facebook group or website, you can include them as well. But just know, you can also include a link for your website down below in the larger About You section, so you don't have to put it in that small 101 character space.


Here's what mine looks like at the moment.


4) Identify Your brand Image

What kind of feeling do you want to leave your audience with when they visit your page?


Do you want your brand to come across as professional and sharp?👩🏼‍💼Fun and flirty? 💃🏼Romantic and whimsical?💑 These are the things you want to consider first and foremost.


Then you want to choose brand colours that align with that feeling you want to leave people with. 


So where will these colours come into play? Well, you want to include them in places like your cover photo, your feed posts and your Feature Photos, which is just underneath your About Me section.


This is a key area of your profile that people really look at so you want to include pictures there that represent who you are and your brand. 


You also want to make sure they have a similar look and feel.👯‍♀️


An excellent resource to get a beautifully filtered look for your photos, is the Tezza app.



It's an awesome tool and really easy to use. You can put a consistent filter on both photos and videos. It also has some more advanced setting like, highlights, shadows, contrast, grain, etc.


It's super fun so give that one a try.


 Creating a brand image takes time to nail. Don't worry about getting it perfect right off the bat. Just start. You can tweak and change it over time.


This is what my cover photo looked like a year ago:



And this is what it looks like now (I used Canva Pro to design this):



Allow your brand to evolve as you go. The more you take action, the more clarity you're gonna get.


5) Connect With Your Audience

Did you know that only about 6% of your friends list is seeing the content that you post?


You're working so hard to create this awesome content and barely anyone is seeing it. Let's be honest, this is slightly devastating.😫


But don't worry, there are ways to dramatically increase this number?


If you want to get get my top engagement hacks, read this blog. These are epic strategies that will instantly help you increase the engagement you get on your content.



The first thing you want to think about when you're connecting with your audience is who you're trying to attract in the first place? 


This is your Ideal Customer or Ideal Business Partner.


You want to get very specific about who this person is. How old are they? What's their income level? What is their general demographic info like where do they live? What are their hobbies? What do they do for work? What activities do they enjoy?


The more you nail this down, the more you can create content that will create relatedness with your person and that's going to attract your tribe and create super fans.


If you're thinking, "Yeah, but Jenn, if I niche down to one specific person, aren't I alienating everybody else?" The answer is no.


You want to attract your tribe. You don't want to attract everybody, because everybody won't be the right fit for you.


Have you heard the expression, if you're talking to everyone you're talking to no one? It's very true. You want to get super specific so you really touch the heart of the person that you're engaging with.❤️


Now that you know who your ideal customer is, you want to start creating story content that's authentic and vulnerable.


Steps to Create Story Content:

  1. The first line of the content that you create should be something that creates intrigue and makes them want to read more.

  2. Then you want to share a specific moment in time. Tell the story, talk about the challenges that you went through, the fears you felt, the overwhelm, whatever it is.

  3. Then tell them about the solution you found that solved those challenges.

  4. End with a call-to-action that invites them to reach out to you to get more information.


Here's a Pro Tip:

🤔Create curiosity with your content🤔

Don't give away the name of your brand or company (this will just send people to Google which is no bueno). Instead, share the benefits you've experienced and how it's impacted your life. They will be curious to know what it is and will have to come to you to get the info.


You also want to proactively reach out to your leads.


Too often, us Network Marketers put content out there, cross our fingers and pray that people will see it and reach out to us.


This will eventually start to happen but it takes time and you have to show up consistently first.


In the meanwhile, proactively reach out to people so Facebook sees that you're friends and that will trigger the algorithm in a positive way.


The more people that see your posts and engage with you, the more people the algorithm will push your content out. This is where the magic happens because even people who are not on your friends list will see it.


And that's how you're going to create way more engagement.


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6) Be Consistent

It's so important that we show up consistently for our audience.


When we do that, we are training them that we're going to be there with new content and they can always count on us to deliver.


It also shows them that you are serious about your business and it's not just a hobby.


What does it look like to show up consistently? 


It can be one high quality post per day and keeping your stories updated to give them a sneak peek behind the scenes of your business and your lifestyle.


Those are my 6 Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers.💁🏼‍♀️If you enjoyed this blog, let me know by sharing it.


Implementing these strategies will make a huge difference in your business!


And remember, knowing and doing nothing isn't going to change anything. So put these things into place.

Just remember, these results won't show up overnight necessarily but over time. 

Keep Crushing!


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