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Why Your Upline Doesn't Want You Doing Attraction Marketing And Why You Should Do It Anyway

If the idea of attracting 10, 15 or even 20+ new customers and team members every month, on autopilot, sounds awesome to you... Attraction Marketing could be a great strategy for your business.

Chances are, you've been hearing lots of Network Marketing coaches and top producers talking about Attraction Marketing lately.

If you haven't yet, you may start sharing your excitement with your upline and teammates. This is what I did, and I was shocked by the response I got. 

I'm sharing this as a precautionary tale, because I want you to be aware of what could happen, if you too decide to pursue Attraction Marketing as a way to take your business to the next level.

So, here's what actually happened...

To my surprise, and confusion, when I started talking about my excitement for this 'new' social media strategy that felt like an obvious better way, I faced hesitancy and pushback - warnings like:

"don't get sidetracked by shiny things",

"you don't need that. It's just a distraction" and,

"be careful of coaches outside our company".

In this post, I will reveal the real, raw, untold truth about WHY your upline does NOT want you doing Attraction Marketing and why I think you should absolutely do it anyway. 

And for the rebels, I'll also share a free Recruiting Bootcamp Video series that will teach you the exact skills that I leveraged to go from struggling Network Marketer, stuck in the old-school methods I was being taught by my upline, to top leadership ranks, both on the sales and team building side, in just 14 months.

If you're analytical like me, you'll appreciate a view of my numbers in a long-range view:

  • My first 4 years, following old-school methods = 25,000 in average monthly team volume with max personal sales of 3,500. 
  • My next 3 years, using Attraction Marketing = exploded to 200,000 in monthly team volume and hit 15,000 in personal sales. And 60+ team rank advancements in a month wasn't uncommon.

I achieved this without sending cold prospecting messages, hosting a single party, doing salesy social media posts, or even leaving my house (except to attend company events, which I recommend every Marketer with aspirations of growing a team do). 




This profession, Network Marketing or MLM as we less fondly like to call it, is about building a business that offers freedom; time, money and personal, and allows us to impact others while we're at it.

We preach about having a gift in our hands and the ability to help change lives which is all true, and we mean it when we say it, BUT human nature has a funny way of sneaking in and taking over. 

My experience has shown me that survival instincts can make people fearful. Fearful of losing what they've built, fearful of their income dropping, and as a result, they can tend to behave in ways that are NOT in the best interest of their team.

I don't believe it's a conscious decision when leaders hinder the growth of people they vowed to help, but nonetheless, I see it happen all the time.

It's another reason I felt compelled to write this, to help you see what I've seen in my 8+ years in the profession, and what almost got the best of me along the way.


Let's get real about WHY your upline does NOT want you doing Attraction Marketing:

1) They don't understand it.

It's not that Attraction Marketing is necessarily a new phenomenon. It's been around for years, but the Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession has only recently started adopting it as a legitimate strategy for distributors to grow their customer base and team.

Despite Attraction Marketing proving to be incredibly effective in today's market, most companies and leaders are still not using it.

But why? Here's my opinion on this...

They just don't understand it.

The truth is, while Attraction Marketing is the most effective way to build a team these days, it's not a strategy you can go half in on.


Not only that but Network Marketing is known for having upline leaders who are afraid of exposing their teams to outside influences out of fear they might lose them.

In my previous company I often heard upline leaders say that we didn't need to, and shouldn't, learn from trainers outside our company. "We have everything we needed right here" they would tell us. 

Looking back, I now realize that this "coaching" was actually a form of manipulation.

While it made sense to me at the time, that we should leverage the free training we were provided by our own team and company, I now see that it was just small thinking on their part, driven not by a longing to help us achieve our goals, but by fear of losing control.


2) Change can be scary.

Change is hard, especially when you've been doing things one way for a long time and it's worked for you.

Your upline leaders might be thinking, "why change things if these methods worked for us?" Don't fix what's not broken, right? 

Well, I would argue that the old-school methods and systems ARE broken.

Have you ever heard the saying, "the only thing that is constant is change"? It's very true. The world is constantly shifting and evolving. People change too.


So, if we don't change our approach to Marketing, we risk ending up like the dinosaurs... #extinct


No one said entrepreneurship is easy (they DID say Network Marketing is easy - don't even get me started on that. A topic for another day).

Those of us who make it to the top ranks, and are able to sustain our business for the long term, made it a priority to learn, grow and CHANGE with the times.


3) There are some pitfalls.


The truth is, Network Marketing can be quite boring (yes, I said it) and as a result, we tend to want to do things that are more exciting, or easier.

It's why we catch ourselves organizing pens and paperclips in our office and spending way too long on Canva creating the perfect Reels cover image. 


This is where you spend all your time creating content and nothing else. 

Unless you have a massive influence with your audience, this is not an effective way to build your business.

There are many more steps to an effective Attraction Marketing strategy, which you can learn in this free Attraction Marketing bootcamp, and you can't skip them if you want to achieve real results.


Attraction Marketing is not as forgiving as other methods.

If you're not consistently showing up, adding value and building connections with your network they won't TRUST you and the whole thing just won't work.

Whereas you can go months without booking a party and your next potential host won't care - they'll be just as likely to say yes (or should I say unlikely 🤭).


It could take longer to reap the real meaty rewards vs other methods BUT when it starts to work your results will be at least 10 times more powerful.

Like anything, Attraction Marketing can breed bad habits so, it's important to take your business seriously and stick with it.


Here's why I feel very strongly that Attraction Marketing is THE best and most effective strategy to build your business in 2022:


If you look at any of the newer and up-and-coming leaders in the profession you'll notice that they are almost all using the Attraction Marketing strategies taught in this free Bootcamp to grow their business.

These are the exact strategies I used to grow my team to 16,000 in the last few years, all from my phone (and before this I struggled to grow beyond a small handful of people and barely made a profit after 4 years of hustling in the old-school model).


Attraction Marketing leverages the power of Social Media and let's be honest, it's where we spend the majority of our time these days.

So, why on earth would we try to convince people to drive to a hotel, coffee shop or someone's house to learn about what we have to offer, when we can deliver the very same message without them having to put in any effort? 


Gone are the days of Susie cleaning her house, putting out snacks and inviting all her friends over for a product trunk show.

Susie ain't got time for that and neither do her friends.

Most of us are already spending hours a day online, so really, if we just tweak HOW we are spending that time, we can build a beautiful business for ourselves.


I'll never forget, in my first company, when they told me to make a "100 person list" of all my friends and family, schedule 4 home launches and invite everyone to attend 😳.

My introverted self wanted to barf.

Today, when a new distributor decides to partner with me, they get a series of posts (120 days worth) designed to create curiosity and ATTACT people who are actually interested in learning more.

Not only is the rejection rate basically zero with our methods, but my distributors often land their first customer, and first commission deposit, within 24-48 hours and this means they're 70% more likely to stick around for the long haul.


Let's be honest, we've all received the dreaded "Hey girl!" message from that person from high school, telling us why their business would be great for us, and prayed that our friend wouldn't ask us to host a party for them.

No one likes these old spammy, salesy methods and we'll all be happy when they disappear into the ether, never to be seen again.

If you're ready to dive into Attraction Marketing and learn exactly how to start implementing the most effective marketing strategies in the profession for today's world, you absolutely want to sign up for this >>> free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. <<<

See you in the Bootcamp!




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