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What People REALLY Think About Network Marketing (and how you can leverage it to win)

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

*Beware, the responses are quite shocking*

Yesterday I asked a question in a large entrepreneurial women’s group…

“Give me your real, raw no-holding-back impression of Network Marketing as a business model”

I knew it was dicey to throw this out there but I was ready for anything. 

171 comments and quickly climbing... and the responses were pretty eye-opening.

Some good, but most really REALLY negative. 

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s important that we hear it. Not to make us feel bad, but to acknowledge the perceptions that are out there so we can DO BETTER. 

Here’s what I heard… (beware, I haven't filtered these in any way):

"Shitty when I don’t know you and the only reason you reach out is to try and capitalize on my audience."

"You want to be my friend sooo bad until I say no. Its very insincere, and once you tell them no, they disappear😄"

"It's annoying when people's social media goes from being about them to about their product. And when they friend your just to sell you stuff."

"The thing I don’t like about most Mlm is many are sneaky and don’t tell the truth."

"I agree with the above comments that it's not for everyone; especially those thinking it will be 'easy' to create a lifetime income! It is 'simple' but takes drive, ambition and focus and an ability to duplicate with the new folks you bring on board."

*obviously I can't share every comment here but I did read all of them and these summarized the key "themes" that kept repeating. 

What’s very clear is Network Marketing is a polarizing profession that brings out the passion in people. 

Here are some CRITICAL lessons that we, as Network Marketers, have a responsibility to learn and embrace... (if we want to help this beautiful profession thrive)

Build Genuine Connections

When you get a “no”, stay in contact. Continue to build the friendship and show them that you’re not just in it for the sale. I first heard Ray Higdon teach this and I think it makes so much sense. Not only is it a far more authentic way to build a network, but it’s also more effective as these people will continue to watch you as you grow your business and they just might be open later down the road (they won’t likely come back to you if you ghosted them after getting a no). 


Don't Be "Spamela Anderson"

Stop spamming your products all over social media. It's really important to keep things balanced. If your social media page looks like an infomercial, you'll lose your followers. People don't come to social media to be sold. They come to connect, discover and learn. I recommend sharing 80% about your lifestyle (share as much value as you can) and 20% about your business. This will attract a lot more people and repel far fewer. And know that you will always repel some and that’s not only ok, it’s inevitable.


Hold Your Head High

Be honest, upfront and proud of your business. Being dishonest or “tricking” people into meetings that they never agreed to, will never turn out well. Network Marketing is a beautiful and legitimate business model that can lead to financial freedom and choice, so hold your head up high because you have found something special here. You don’t need everyone to understand it or support you. And that’s a good thing, because most won’t. Be prepared for that. 


The Real Deal

Help new distributors understand what it really takes to achieve success in this business. Leading them into it with false expectations always leads to disappointment and giving up. This business is not EASY. It is somewhat simple but it ain’t easy! If it were, everyone would be doing it and it wouldn’t pay as well as it does. Be upfront about the fact that it’s challenging and will likely take several years to build a significant steady stream of income. 

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