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PURPOSE changed my business

Getting crystal clear on my purpose completely catapulted my business this past year.

Like most people growing up, I listened to the guidance of the social norms and did what I was "supposed" to do. I went to school, took it very seriously, got good grades and eventually attended University where I graduated cum laude with an Economics & Business degree. I was a total brownnoser (is that even a word?).

From there I got a great job as an Analyst with a Global consumer goods corporation and worked my little buns off 9-5, plus evenings and weekends, for years. It earned me a spot as one of the youngest Directors in the company, with a team of over 25 executives, a very healthy income, bonuses and all the other perks that come along with a leadership title. 

But I was totally miserable.

All this time I thought I wanted to be a VP or CEO, travelling the world and running global organizations, but I realized that the harder I worked the more stressed I became and the less time I had to enjoy my life. Sound familiar?

Someone forgot to tell me about this part *smirks and raises eyebrow*

There was absolutely no fulfillment in this life for me. I was missing a PURPOSE

You see, all those perks were great for ME (well, when I could actually find the time to enjoy them), but that's where it ended. I wasn't fulfilled, I had no direction and I wasn't making a difference for anyone or anything else (triple whammy) and it started eating away at me. 

From that moment, I was on a mission to figure out what my purpose was and let me tell ya, it was a long hard journey. 

I started a Network Marketing business. I was really excited about it and I worked hard. But once again, my goals were all about me...escape the 9-5 and buy nice things (so amateur). I still hadn't discovered my purpose. Needless to say, I struggled. For 3 long years. Ughh it was painful and there were so many moments where I questioned whether I was ever going to figure this thing out.

But I never quit. I knew I was onto something, and the Network Marketing business model was genius, so I kept digging. 

And then I finally discovered the purpose that had eluded me for so long...

I wanted to help YOU, my uber hard working and passionate friend, find YOUR passion and crush YOUR online business!

It's like the seas parted and my whole life became so clear. Once I looked beyond my own nose (duh) things completely exploded. I had finally found serious momentum and I could barely sleep. I was so damn excited. 

So here's the thing, I want to help you skip the 3 years of struggle and get straight to the good stuff...discovering your true purpose. That way you can get on with crushing your business. Sound good?

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