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Follow Up Strategies To Sign More Team Members Without Ever Being Annoying

Are you having a hard time turning your leads and prospects into customers and distributors in your business? 🥵 


In this episode🎥 I give you my proven follow-up strategies to help you close more leads, turn prospects into customers and distributors and create serious duplication in your business.✅


Let me ask you something. Do you...


😫keep getting ghosted in your prospecting conversations? 👻

😫keep hearing all kinds of objections from your prospects?🙅🏼‍♀️

😫feel like you're burning through your network really fast and you're worried that you'll run out of people to talk to soon?


Plus you're NOT following up the way you know you should because you're afraid of hearing NO and you don't really know what to say if they give you another objection.😳


So instead of taking action with confidence, you kinda "move on to the next person" and hope for the best.🤞🏼And your business is pretty stagnant.


Well Crusher, I'm here to tell you, I was there and I know exactly what you're going through.🙋🏼‍♀️


Your lack of confidence in the follow up is making closing customers and business partners fricken' hard and you really just want someone to tell you how to follow up with swagger so you never come across as annoying to your prospects


Well, keep reading because I'm gonna help you turn stagnant into serious momentum. Get ready to follow up like a total boss!



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Ok, let's first talk about what a lead is.


A lead is somebody who likes, leaves a comment on, or shares one of your posts.


Most Network Marketers leave a ton of opportunity on the table because they don't really know what to do with a lead to turn them into a customer or distributor.


Is it super important to have a strong personal brand? Yes, absolutely.  That's what is going to create authority and build know, like and trust with your audience.


But, your personal brand will only take you so far.


Many people who are interested in learning more about your product or business won't proactively come to you and say so.


So it's really important that you know how to reach out to them, communicate with them, and convert them into a customer or distributor.


You need to proactively be reaching out to your leads and asking them if they're open, otherwise you're seriously missing out.


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Let's say you do ask somebody to take a look at your opportunity. What happens if they say no? Then what do you do?


Most network marketers drop the ball when it comes to the follow-up. More than 90% of your growth is going to come from implementing the right follow-up strategy.


If you're not following up with intention, and following the right steps, you are totally missing out on so much growth.


But this all ends today because I'm going to give you the follow-up strategies that helped me to turn my leads into customers and distributors without ever coming across as annoying or pushy.


These are the follow up strategies that will help you go from #FullTimetoFreeTime and I truly believe every woman should be able to live a life of fulfillment and freedom... both time AND money💰


Image result for freedom gif


1. Leads Are Actual Humans


Remember, there's another human on the other side of the computer.👩🏼‍💻They're talking to you just like you're talking to them.


So what's really important to remember is to just be yourself.


You want to come across as a human first, and a marketer second.


For some reason, when people sign up to become a Network Marketer, they forget how to speak like a normal human🙅🏼‍♀️ (trust me, I did this too and I'm still embarrassed when I see some of my old conversations🙈).


You want to talk to your prospects exactly like you would your best friend.


2. Find Excuses To Stay In Touch


This is really important. You don't have to always talk about the business. In fact, if you do, you are going to be annoying to your prospects.🙄 


Find excuses to interact with them in different casual ways.


So maybe it's with a happy birthday message🥳, or you see a post on their page and you leave an authentic comment, like it, and just engage authentically.


You don't need to talk about the business all the time. All you really need to do is to drip on them by showing up every now and then.


As long as your name is popping up in their notifications, it counts as a follow-up✅. 



3. Drip On Your Prospects


It can take between 5️⃣ and 1️⃣2️⃣ touches for a prospect to pull the trigger, whether it's to buy a product or start their own business.


I've had people join my team years after I first asked them to take a look.


After years of me showing up consistently and keeping them in the loop casually here and there, they decided they were ready.🎯


You want to find excuses to reach out and update them on what's going on.


For example, you might say, "Hey, there's this awesome new product launch that just happened. I'm just keeping you in the loop in case you or anyone you know wants to have [more energy, better skin, save money on your services, etc].”


You can also update them on success stories of people who have achieved amazing milestone goals in their business.🏆


Don't always share about the people who replaced their income or are making six figures. Yes, those are exciting, but they're un-relatable to the majority of people.


Instead, share stories of people who were able to pay off their credit card bill, pay their mortgage payment or buy groceries for their family for the week with what they earned from their business.🥩🍞🥛


Those are the most relatable stories and the ones that will really hit the heart❤️of your prospect.


4. Continue Following Up After The "No"


You might be thinking, "Wait a minute. Really? Like, they said no, they're not open."


Yeah, but here's the thing, most of the time they're saying no because it's just not the right time⏰or they don't really understand what you do.


Or maybe they're not sure how serious you are about this business and they want to watch you for a while👀.


Image result for peeping tom gif


So keep showing up, keep dripping on them, casually. Continue showing them that you're a good person, you truly care and you're dead serious about taking this biz to the top.⛰


You want your prospect to keep seeing your content. Give 'em a good show!🙌🏼


Show them your wins, big and small. You can do that by keeping the lines of engagement and conversation open with them.


And by doing so, I guarantee you, you will have people coming back to you later saying, "You know what? I'm open now."


So those are my follow-up strategies to help you turn more leads into customers and distributors.


I'm excited for you to implement these and I'd love to hear how they help you crush your business!

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