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Can I actually replace my income online?

Can I actually replace my income online?

I get this question a LOT and the simple answer is… YES. 100% you can. I’ve done it and I’m helping many others do it too.

Your next question is probably, how?

Well, there’s more than one way to skin the cat but in my opinion, Social Marketing (aka Network Marketing) is the simplest, quickest, most cost effective, fool-proof way to do it.

If you just rolled your eyes and thought, “ummm, there’s no way I’d do that”, hang with me here. I explain some things that just might change your mind.


Here’s why I believe Social Marketing is the best option...

  • You don’t need any special skills, education or an outgoing personality. If you can converse and connect with others, you can build a successful business.
  • There’s little to no risk and no large capital investment required to get started. $100-500 is generally all you’ll need.
  • It offers the ability to earn a passive income. Trading time for money has many limitations. A passive income pays you over and over again for work you’ve done once (think musicians who write songs and earn royalties for years to come).
  • It’s a business-in-a-box solution. For a nominal fee, you get all the benefits of entrepreneurship without the headaches. The partner company takes care of all the background work (product development, supply chain, accounting, legal, etc.) so you can focus on what’s important; selling and teaching others to sell.
  • You don’t need a large network. Having one can help you grow faster, but it’s not required. You can always build one.


But let’s be honest, the profession gets a bad rap.

Here are my thoughts on that and why I don’t think you should let your friend’s Aunt Betty’s experience be the determining factor for your future.

Because no special skills, education or personality type are required to do the business, anyone and everyone can start a business. Someone who’s brand new will have a steep learning curve and this will take time to overcome. While they’re learning, they’re also making many mistakes which are very public and can be annoying to friends and family who are often the guinea pigs. But here’s the thing… I think we need to give these people a break. They’re bravely putting themselves out there and trying to build a business for themselves. This isn’t easy to do and I think we should give them a break.

The other challenge comes into play when companies focus more on recruiting team members vs customers. This is an issue for several reasons. Most importantly, it can create bad behaviours that are not conducive to a healthy, sustainable, long term business. A good company will encourage and reward customer acquisition and maintain at least 60% of sales from true customers.


There are so many companies. How do I decide which one will be a good fit for me?

The truth is, not all Social Marketing opportunities are created equal. Here’s what’s important to consider when deciding where you’ll plant your flag...

  • You want to partner with a forward thinking, financially stable company with an exceptional leadership team. Don’t make the mistake of joining a friend without doing your due diligence. I made this mistake and while I learned a ton, I would definitely do things differently if I could go back and start over.  
  • You want to make sure the product or service offers significant value, is affordable and effective. The effective part is usually a non-issue because Social Marketing companies know their products need to be top notch in order to succeed. It’s normal to pay a slight premium for the products. Just make sure it’s not totally unreasonable. After all, if no one’s willing to pony up the cash, you won’t have success.
  • A simple, duplicatable system is CRITICAL. And I highly recommend one that integrates online in a very big way. Many will argue that the old-school methods of building belly-to-belly are still effective but I truly believe we need to listen to our customers. People are far too busy to be meeting in person. Online is a simpler, more convenient and equally effective way to build connections and share information. It also duplicates infinitely better which means long term sustainable growth for your business.
  • Make sure a significant number of people are succeeding and often. Find out how many people promote each month. If there aren’t many, be cautious. Something may not be right with the business fundamentals.


So where do you come in?

Here’s what YOU need in order to achieve enough success to replace your income...

  • You must be passionate about what you’re offering. This goes for the products and the business opportunity. If you don’t believe wholeheartedly that you have something really special to offer, you won’t be able fool enough people to make it.
  • You need a strong work ethic. This business isn’t easy and it sure as heck isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If anyone tells you different, RUN the other way. It can however be quite simple (i.e. a step by step system that you follow) but it does require grit, consistency and perseverance.
  • Be coachable. I quickly figured out that some of my skills and experiences were not transferable and actually hindered my ability to grow. For example, if you have a traditional sales background, you’ll quickly find out that those skills don’t go over well in this business. No one wants to be sold to. I recommend trusting the system and following it to a “T”. It’s designed to have you succeed and duplication of that system is critical for your long term success.


And last but not least, I highly recommend finding a team that has a positive, supportive culture.

Remember, everyone in this business is here as a volunteer. You should never be made to feel pressured to move faster or produce more. This is YOUR business. Your mentors are there to support you. You’re not there to support them.


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